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Fly me to Jupiter – a beautifully elegant, magical collection of handmade jewellery πŸ’›

November 1, 2015

I absolutely love accessories; bags, scarves and especially jewellery. I like to dress quite plainly, no loud colours or prints will be found in my wardrobe. I tend to opt for darker colours and stripes or subtle designs. But when it comes to accessorising my overall look I will go for a large monogrammed bag or larger pieces of jewellery to accentuate and make up for the subtlety of my outfit.

This is what makes me me, it is my style, my signature.

The other evening I was lucky enough to see and try on an amazingly inspirational collection of jewellery by a beautiful designer named Kassandra Lauren Gordon.

Kassandra studied jewellery manufacture and design in Hatton Gardens, before setting up her London studio. She studied at Holts Academy and is also a performance poet. Her Jamaican heritage is represented by an β€˜ackee’ in her logo, the Jamaican national fruit.

Kassandra Lauren Gordon jewellery satiates the desire of professional women for handmade precious pieces with character that can be worn seamlessly in professional and casual contexts. All pieces are made from precious metals and gemstones by hand from Gordon’s London studio.

 Experience as a domestic violence worker and working with women in the community have convinced Gordon of the need for women to be more affirming of themselves. Such a great representation for women today.


Finding Water on Mars

The range includes pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and chokers. All beautiful and special in their own unique way, much like the planets and stars in our solar system.

IO pendant inspired by the closest Galilean Moon to Jupiter

Many of the pieces are named after inspirational female scientists. Hypatia is the first known female mathematician. β€˜Nobell Burnell’ is named after cosmologist Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered pulsars in 1967 as a graduate student but was passed over for the Nobel Prize in favour of her supervisor.
I absolutely love products with an inspirational story behind them, and when the product in question is jewellery I love the story even more, as it adds meaning to this piece of art you choose to show on your body.

The collection is called ‘Fly me to Jupiter’ and is as magical as its name implies. Each piece is special and yet every piece is timeless and can be worn again and again. 

Pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and chokers which will never go out of fashion and could easily be worn to work, to a romantic dinner or even on the school run. A special gift for your mother, daughter or wife. For me this jewellery is pure elegance.


Fly me to Jupiter – a collection

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Find out more about the very talented Kassandra and her lovely jewellery here.

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