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My garden has been transformed 💚 🌳

October 30, 2015

If you have read some of my blog, or follow my Twitter or Instagram accounts, you will know a little bit about my garden. After living in a small apartment in central London for several years, our move to the suburbs meant a beautiful home and the luxury of having our own private outdoor space!

Our little piece of heaven is not too big its not too small, for me it is just perfect! It used to be a space for the kids, but now they are older and prefer to kick a football around in a much larger space like our local park, the garden is more for us, the grown ups. The main issue with our garden has always been that it kind of slopes downwards towards the end. This has made it very difficult in the past to even eat on a table and chairs on the grassy bit because the slope would cause the table to tilt and be altogether uncomfortable. I had absolutely no idea how we could overcome this problem, fill in the whole garden with more soil?

My darling father came to the rescue with the help of a specialist called Darren, who is Managing Director of the ‘New Driveway Company.’ What Darren did was just genius, he managed to raise the back part of the garden so it was on the same level as the front part, and so the garden was levelled. Something I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams!

So here is how Darren and his colleague transformed my garden –

1. The area at the back of the garden was raised with soil.

2. The raised area was covered ready to be paved. A brick border was put around to seal the height.

3. The patio area was formed with large pieces of natural Indian Sandstone- a beautiful shade of beige with actual fossil remains making the patio appear textured.

4. An amazing end result! A raised patio with a levelled out garden!

The New Driveway Company are definitely experts at what they do, with superb workmanship. They do not only specialise in patios, but can also create amazing driveways and external landscaping. Based in several areas of the UK.

Find out more here & add something extra special to your home today!

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