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Supplement your body with the nutrition of super foods ❤️

October 21, 2015

This new school term I am all about health and all about me! I have been full time stay at home mother for the past seven years, and now both my boys are at school for the first time I have a little time for myself. 

I am doing more sports, I have cut sugar out of my diet dramatically and now I am supplementing my diet with naturally derived vitamins.

 I have never liked taking tablets in any shape or form, be it medicinal or vitamins, but as I approach 40 and I am noticing how my body is needing extra support in some way or another, so I have chosen to take daily supplements. 

As a busy mother of two boys, who also wants to stay trim and fit, eating the right foods isn’t always enough to achieve optimal health and strength.

There are just so many vitamins to choose from these days, keeping healthy is a very fashionable thing, and it is very difficult to chose the best supplement to suit your needs and your lifestyle. But I think I have found the supplement for me.


Soulthing is a company which specialises in naturally derived supplements which will give our bodies that much needed helping hand for when we find ourselves short of time, too busy or simply because we don’t like the taste of the food we need to eat to get the vitamins we need. Created by a busy mother of two like me, Soulthing offers supplements filled with super food ingredients, from which you can gain all the nutrition, without having to source, prepare and eat them. 

The founders of Soulthing do explain how there isn’t a substitute for food, there is only supplementation and nothing should replace a balanced and varied diet.

Here are a few of the amazingly healthy and nutritional vitamins Soulthing have on offer, most are suitable for vegans & vegetarians, and are wheat, gluten & lactose free!

Acai Berry – High strength Acai Berry capsules with antioxidants.

Love Beets – Beetroot and Cherry powerfully combined perfect for energy boosts, sports people or just generally busy people.

Fibre Plus – A multi-fibres blend in capsules containing essential dietary fibre from high fibre foods such as prunes, figs, flaxseed, rhubarb, herbs and psyllium husks and seeds.

Goodness – An 100% organic superfood multi-nutrient blend made from 14 ‘real food form’ superfoods, super fruits and beneficial herbs.

Hemp Pro – Hemp protein powder plus superfoods and herbs.

Krill Oil – 500mg of high strength Antarctic Krill Oil with no fishy after taste.

L-Glutamine – This is pure L-Glutamine amino acid powder – one of the building blocks of protein.

Nourish Me – An alkalising and detox support supplement made from organic ingredients to help with overall health and immune support.

Omega 3-6-9 -A balanced blend of Omega oils in easy to swallow capsules delivering essential fatty acids to the body.

Pea Protein – Derived from garden peas and blended with 9 superfoods and herbs.


My Verdict

I have been taking ‘Vitamin C’ from the Soulthing range to supplement my diet over the past 3 weeks. 

The Vitamin C is filled with amazing natural extracts – Rosehip, Parsley, Elderberry, Blackcurrant to mention a few.

I have been taking one tablet on alternative days after breakfast. For me taking one daily would be too much. The tablets are easy to swallow and leave no aftertaste.

I can say since taking the Vitamin C supplements I do feel much more energetic, going walking daily, and I even started jogging this past weekend! My skin is glowing.

 I do think however, that when taking supplements you must eat healthily and exercise to reep the ultimate benefits. 

I plan to take ‘Nourish Me’ – a mix of amazing antioxidants- very soon.

Taking care of your body are all definate positives in the freezing autumnal weather we are experiencing in the UK right now.


In March 2016 Soulthing are planning to offer a 12 week online Nutrition Program. The also have protein shakes & their packaging is super cute & colourful!

Watch this space and find out more here –

Soulthing are offering all my lovely readers 10% off their first order. Simply use this code – MIL2015. This code will be available to use up until December 31st.

Get your supplements and strengthen from within xxx

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