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October 18, 2015

I am awful at choosing gifts especially when I’m under a time constraint. If I have to buy a gift for a family members birthday or a friends birthday, it will take up literally 2-3 hours of research, scrolling through pages and pages of sites online to find my loved one the perfect gift.

I think the gift you receive from a friend, family member or even your spouse says a lot about the person doing the giving. It is, in my opinion, a very important gage in assessing how well that person actually knows you and how much they care. Oh of course it is ‘the thought that counts’ and all that, but as I approach the big 40 my outlook on life has changed, I want to spend time with friends & relatives who love me and care about me the most, and who show their love and appreciation as I do. 

Anyway enough philosophical bantering from me. I have discovered a super online service which is absolutely free and I believe is a great idea. is a website where you can create gift wish lists. So for example say it is your little girls 7th birthday, you log on, create a ‘Clare’s 7th Birthday’ wish list, listing all the toys your daughter has asked for. Share this list with all your friends or mothers of Clare’s friends. So when Clare has her birthday party that weekend everyone has some sort of idea what she likes and knows what to buy, and Clare isn’t disappointed on her big day! A totally win-win situation!

So I have decided to make a ‘wish list’ of my own. On I have an account and have created a ‘My 40th Birthday’ gift wish list to the value of £1,000!!!

Here is that very list. A few things I would really love! have a super competition running where you can win all the gifts on your list! I’ve entered and you can too! 

Simply click the link below and create you list now ! Competition ends at midnight on November 12th 2015! Get listing lovelies ❤️

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