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October 16, 2015

Who has time these day to physically go shopping? I certainly don’t and with the great technological links we have these days finding the best bargains can be achieved without stepping a foot outside your front door.

I know there are the big players out there in online shopping and I have used them a lot over the years but with many of them charging extortionate delivery charges for any purchase under £10 or £20 in most cases I am finding myself looking elsewhere.

Thats when I came across! A UK based online shopping company with a name that just stays in your head. The first thing I noticed was that delivery of their products were free! Yay!

History behind

I always love to find out how companies started. has an inspiring story behind it. 

Co-founders of, Dave and Paul, are from Chelmsford in Essex. At the time, the internet was still a mystery to most people; slightly unreliable with regular drop-outs, and unusable when family members were making calls! With the foresight that the internet was here to stay, this fuelled their joint passion for retail and sowed the seeds for bigger and better on-line retail ventures. 

When Dave and Paul worked out they could buy products from the Far East and sell on eBay for a profit, they both decided to terminate their university studies in their final semester of their final year. Instead of investing the last portion of their student loans in textbooks and exam material as expected, instead they opted to pay deposits on two 40ft containers of goods from factories in Eastern China! 

Their aim was to sell local products, at fair prices, coupled with fast delivery and amazing after-sales service, to ensure that  customers kept coming back to buy more and more products.The base line was that customers would buy products from them and they would send products to their customers. So BuySend was born!

Today, BuySend is a multi-channel retailer selling a range of over 50,000 products on, eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces around the world, and is now one of the largest e-retailers in the UK. 

My experience with

I found the website to be very well organised and easy to use. With two very energetic boys in the house shopping is never an easy task and is normally done on the mobile phone in one hand while cooking or trying to sort the laundry with the other! The joys of motherhood. 

I decided I needed to buy a drill. Yes a drill! I am a stay at home mother as you all know and in a way I have to be good at everything – cooking, cleaning, nursing, diy. So instead of calling in someone everytime I needed a picture put up or something fixed, I thought that with a handy drill I could add ‘handy-lady’ to my list of abilities.

I had an ‘electric screwdriver’ already which wasn’t that great at making holes in thicker, stronger materials. So I definitely needed a proper drill. 

I looked long and hard for a good brand name in drills and found ‘Silverline’ to have a good reputation. And had the very drill I was after at a very good price considering the delivery was included!

The Silverline 500w Compact Adjustable Hammer Drill 

Described as being ‘a compact, versatile drill with fully adjustable side handle and depth gauge, forward and reverse trigger, lock-on button and variable speed control. Max drilling capacities: wood 25mm, masonry 16mm, steel 13mm.’ What more could I ask for! 


Silverline Hammer Drill

It arrived on time and was everything it promised to be! It was packaged very well and all in one piece.

Silverline Drill from

Our first drilling project!

As I am new to drills, a very good friend of my fathers, Uncle Len, was kind enough to show us how to use it. Here he is putting up a trellis in our garden using the Silverline 500w. 

My Verdict 

Overall a great purchase & was offered a smooth shopping experience. Delivery was fast and free. Drill did the job! 

Have a look at all that BuySend has to offer for yourself –

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