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‘Plan Bea’ by Hilary Grossman- a book review πŸ’œ πŸ“š

October 14, 2015

I love a certain style of writing, the book has to flow naturally as if we aren’t actually in our own sitting rooms reading, but we are watching the characters lives as if watching a documentary on the television. When I read a book like this, I just have to read more books by the same author. 

So the big day is here when all you lovelies can read another super story by Hilary Grossman- one of my favourite new authors. 

I announced the cover a few weeks ago, and now I have actually read the book I must say I absolutely love it! 


The story is about Annabel and her relationship with her mother Beatrice. The ups and downs, laughter and tears of a mother daughter relationship. But Beatrice is no ordinary mother. She is a very difficult mother to have a relationship with.

Anna has the perfect husband, two adorable children, an amazing job. Bea is a widow. Although it upsets Anna terribly that she can’t have a loving caring relationship with her mother, she has come to terms with the fact that with Bea, their relationship has deteriorated to the point of not communicating to each other at all. Pride is a major issue. But things take a dramatic turn when Bea has an announcement to make. The story ends with a twist which puts everything into perspective.

Hilary’s first book, Dangled Carat, touched me because it was a situation I related to personally but with this book things were different, I am lucky enough to be best friends with my mother. But seeing how difficult a mother – daughter relationship can be was a real eye opener. It made me appreciate what I have even more and understand how difficult forming good family relationships can be for a lot of us.

Funny, touching, moving, thought provoking and a very good read.

Thank you Hilary, can’t wait to read Plan Cee….

Buy Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman on Amazon – published Today!

The links are:

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

Barnes & Noble –

Goodreads –

Here is a great competition to enter and win a signed copy!

Happy reading β€οΈπŸ“š

  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Plan Bea! I wish you could see my face when I read the part about being one of your new favorite authors! We are very lucky to have mother’s unlike Bea πŸ™‚ I am super close to mine too!

    • My absolute pleasure! I really enjoyed it & you are definitely one of my favourites ❀️ We are very very lucky indeed xxx

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