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Learn about the importance of ‘Mind Mapping’ – One Trillion Stories for Kids by Dr Nic Andela – a book review ðŸ“š

October 12, 2015

I am so fed up with just how much technology is in the lives of my children these days. I keep promising myself everyday that I will limit how much time they spend using their tablets but then I give in and give up. One part of me says ‘it’s not good for their eyes, they need to read more books, go out more,’ but then the other part of me argues,’Live with the times, everyone uses them these days!’

I am sure I’m not the only one living with this predicament. As parents bringing up children in the technological age we live in, but having been brought up ourselves in a world where we had to go to the local library and research information through books to complete homework projects, we have to live with this ongoing dilemma. 

I love reading and writing, it has been my hobby, my release from day to day life from a young age. I also love to create scenarios, stories and adventures in my mind. My boys also have vivid imaginations, I notice how they create such amazing scenarios when they play. So when I came across a book which focuses on ‘Mind Mapping – a visual association that will help you develop the ultimate source of stories for kids’ I was very intrigued. 

One Trillion Stories for Kids by Dr. Nic Andela

‘One Trillion Stories for Kids’ is an easy to read, illustrated book on how to teach your children to use their minds to create unlimited made up stories through the book’s ‘mind map story template,’ which can in turn be adapted by readers and used for many other applications. The journey of learning will offer children an incredible intellectual skill before school in creativity, memory retention, planning and more.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it is a refreshing look into how to bond with your children on a daily basis and make time to do things together. Storytelling is explained as being a very important part of this interaction. By telling each other stories on a daily, weekly, monthly basis we can share experiences, hopes, dreams and most importantly our love as a family. Such a refreshing outlook.

My older son is now almost 8years old, and I have noticed how school work is getting more advanced, spelling tests have started on a weekly basis and he does need to memorise so much more than before. Dr Nic Andela explains in his book how ‘Mind Mapping’ has helped him achieve in all walks of life and how this simple thinking process can help our kids to break their thought process boundaries aswell. In turn helping them achieve success in areas such as public speaking, problem solving, innovation and lateral thinking by unlocking the full potential of their brain.

I think that is all I will tell you, suffice to say that this is an essential and excellent read for parents of children of any age today. It is a technique which will help us break the technological habit and use our brains and help mould the brains of our children to be pushed far beyond their limits.

Find out more about Dr Nic Andela here –

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