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The Multipurpose expandable bag by Ohyo šŸŒŽ designed by Felix Conran!Ā 

October 11, 2015

I have always been one to look out for ways to save our beautiful planet! I believe that any little positive thing we can do at home or when we are out and about to help the world we live in is a step in the right direction. Recycling, using biodegradable products, energy saving products are all positive things we can do to help.

Ohyo – a company with an environmental purpose!

I love talking about & writing about any company who is out there to help. Ohyo is one such company I have written about before. Ohyo was invented by Guy Jeremiah, to produce products that make life a little more convenient. Their collapsible Ohyo water bottle, which you can read about on my blog, extends to hold 500ml or 1000ml. And when empty it will squish down to fit in a pocket or bag. Using (and re-using) an Ohyo avoids the need to buy environmentally damaging bottled water. Such an ingenious idea!

The Expandable Bag – Ohyo’s latest design!


The geniuses behind Ohyo bottles have come up with another super duper idea I just had to share with you all. A multipurpose extendable bag! The bag is coming out in perfect time as the plastic bag tax has hit England on 5th October where shoppers are being charged 5p per bag.

Why is the bag you set off with never big enough for what the day throws at you?ā€ Ohyo teamed up with designer Felix Conran to produce a multi-purpose bag that adapts to your day.

The Ohyo bag is:

 ā€¢ a tablet bag that increases in size to hold your gym kit.

ā€¢ a backpack that adjusts for a long or short trip.

ā€¢ a travel bag that gets bigger to accommodate those last minute purchases.

ā€¢ a workbag that expands to hold your groceries ā€“ no more plastic bags!

Now that is one multipurpose bag! 

Designed by Felix Conran – a London designer and a third generation of the well-known Conran Design family.

It truly is a case (or bag) of one size fits all. Ohyo Bag has launched on Kickstarter until October 30 with deliveries expected for Christmas. 

The super bag isn’t available to get your lovely hands on just yet but I promise to get a sample bag to try & review for you all next month! 

Watch this space! In the meantime check out these links to find out more –

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