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Kids back at school – I have found the perfect lunch box! πŸ’™

October 7, 2015

We are now well into the school term, summer holidays have become a distant memory and my kids are anticipating the Christmas holidays already!

New school uniforms, shoes, bags are all bought and being put to good use. This year both my boys are going to be in school full time. My eldest in Year 3 and my youngest in Reception. A very special year, and although I will miss them terribly it will be nice to have time for myself, and much more time to do what I love – write for all you lovelies.

For the first time my youngest starting Reception will be eating his lunch at school. A very big deal for me as he is quite fussy when it comes to packed lunches and food in general. I wouldn’t say he is extremely difficult but just a little picky. For example he refuses to eat cheese sandwiches, argues that he doesn’t like cheese. So we managed to reach a compromise at Tuna sandwiches; crusts removed, tuna mixed with salad cream and cut in triangles, not squares! So you see planning a packed lunch is no easy task.

What to put the chosen lunch inside is the next big dilemma. I’ve been having a look around for the perfect lunch box and I think I’ve found it!


Sistema Lunchbox & Water bottle

Sistema Plastics are just about everywhere right now! Amazing products which will keep just about anything fresh and contained without any spillages. The story of System is very inspiring. It all started in a garage in New Zealand, and 30 years later it is exported to 82 countries around the world with millions of customers. The sole purpose of the company being to provide customers with well made, beautifully designed, food safe storage containers that would be stackable.


The Sistema 1.5L Slimline Quaddie is in my opinion the ultimate ‘lunch box.’ It is multi compartmented to provide space for the many snacks and nibbles kids and adults alike enjoy today. I am very environmentally friendly and I believe that with lunch boxes like this we can cut down dramatically on the amount of packaging thrown away on a daily basis. For example instead of buying individually packed raisins where the little box is thrown away, buy raisins in bulk and just place them in one of the lovely compartments in this lunch box. 

The Slimline Quaddie comes in a great range of colours and is so easy to pack and clean up after use. It also has a super little bottle inside which is great for filling with juice or water for kids to enjoy during lunchtime. Another great way of cutting down on packaging and in turn saving our planet.

Sistema small drinks bottle – fits inside lunch box

The water bottles are also great! Light, easy to use and spill free, again in some bright colours! What more could anyone want!

What is great about the Sistema range is that all their products are Phthalate & BPA free! This means that the products are manufactured from materials which are free of both Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S – very unhealthy materials used in a lot of plastics we use everyday.

Find out more about Sistema products and switch your lunch boxes to these healthy, useful and environmentally friendly boxes as soon as possible! In the UK you can purchase them in a wide array of stores – Asda, Costco, John Lewis, Lakeland, Ocado, Robert Dyas, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose.

I cannot wait to try more Sistema products πŸ’™

  1. So nice to have something that will keep the lunches organized and non messy.
    Wooohooo! For you! Schools in!! : D

    • Yayyyy! A definite woooohooo all round! Got to love school & a little bit of peace and quiet at home πŸ˜ƒ yes a super lunchbox, only one that never spills! 😘😘😘

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