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The Lost Child by Ann Troup – a thriller not to be missed ๐Ÿ“š

September 21, 2015

I love to read chic lit books, as well as any books that can make me laugh, but from time to time I like to read books which are of a different genre. I always reach for the thriller books, a story to keep me guessing and wondering whatever will happen next? 

It was the title which drew me in, being a mother, anything to do with children, especially a lost child will always make me want to dig deeper and find out more. It’s the same when I’m reading a newspaper, it’s always the child related headlines which draw you in. It’s the nurturing aspect of being a mother.


The Lost Child by Ann Troup is a thriller which will keep you guessing and reading until the very end. I have to be very careful about how much I tell you because I don’t want to give too much away.

The story is about a little girl – Mandy Miller, who disappeared from Hallowโ€™s End when she was just 3 years old. She was never found.Thirty years on, Elaine Ellis, the main character, is carrying her motherโ€™s ashes back to Hallowโ€™s End to scatter them in the place that she once called home. Elaine has never been there, but itโ€™s the only place her mother talked about while she was growing up โ€“ so it seems as good a place as any. As Elaine settles into her holiday cottage in the quiet Devonshire village, she gets to know the locals and new friends where she would least expect them. But she is intrigued by the tale of the missing girl that the village still carries at its heart, and which somehow continues to overshadow them all. She is yet to find out more.

I really enjoyed this book! I actually finished it on the train back from my weekend in Paris, all read in one sitting! I loved the way the author described the setting, the characters drew me in and I just had to find out what happened next. 

A definite read for those thrill seekers out there! Non stop till the very end. With so much going on in the news these days to do with lost or missing children, it is a very touching subject weaved into a very interesting story by Ann Troup, a story you must read.

Read more about Ann Troup here –

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