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We are off to Paris – for the first time as a family of three ðŸ‡«ðŸ‡·ðŸ‘ª

September 20, 2015

As you know I have two boys, and with myself and my husband we are a family of four. I am writing to you from the airplane with my husband on one side and my older son on the other. Where is my younger son you may wonder, we have left him at home with my darling parents for the weekend. We are off to show my older son around beautiful Paris!

It is the first time I have travelled with one of my children with the other left behind. We decided to do this mainly because of the age difference in my boys; one is 7 the other is 4. This means different interests, different levels of patience and also the younger one gets tired much quicker. My older son is a fanatical Chelsea FC supporter, whilst my younger son is into all things Spiderman. So to give my older son an experience to remember, to see the beautiful city of lights, we decided to travel as a family of three.

Part of me was sad, it was very strange to look through the passports and leave one behind. To pack for only one child when I am so accustomed to packing for two. But I do believe that with siblings who have an age gap of two or more years it is important to do things with them individually, especially for the older ones to feel ‘grown up’ and the younger ones to feel ‘young.’

My older son is super excited as you can all imagine! He didn’t sleep much last night. Planning what museums he’d like to visit, the boat and metro rides we told him about. If our younger son had come along it would have been more difficult, he wouldn’t be able to walk for too long, his little legs would get tired. The museums would not be that fun for him, I know he’d much prefer to play in the local park.


So sometimes you have to make choices where one child will gain an experience, but to be honest my younger son is gaining to. He is learning to be independent of us, having fun with his grandparents.

I also feel its very important to spend quality time with the older sibling, when a younger sibling is born the older one loses the attention they once had.

So overall balance is the key to happiness, not doing things altogether all the time, thats my opinion. ❤️

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  1. Woohoo! Happy traveling!
    Check out my latest post here

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