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Happy Roald Dahl Day! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

September 14, 2015

Yesterday was a special day, it was a day to celebrate one of the worlds most loved authors, Mr Roald Dahl.


Roald Dahl

I am sure you all know by now that I love to read, and it is thanks to the wonderfully mind bogglingly imaginative stories written by the late great Mr Dahl himself that I have enjoyed reading since I was a little girl. How marvellous it is to see my boys reading the same books I read and laugh at the same stories I used to giggle at.

In honour of one of my all time favourite authors, today I would like to remind you of one of my cherished Roald Dahl books – The Twits.


The Twits with furry beard

First published in 1980, ‘The Twits’ are a couple that nobody would like to know. They are hairy, dirty, smelly and generally unpleasant. Mr and Mrs Twit spend their days inventing new ways to be be nasty to each other. Each time Mrs Twit does something bad to Mr Twit, he just invents something worse to do to her. The Twits are not only unpleasant towards each other but they also hate animals. It is because of the Twits’ attitude towards animals that we see their really awful side: Mr Twit keeps a family of monkeys that have to spend their days upside down and Mrs Twit likes to make pies with freshly caught birds.

Two great versions of The Twits are on sale now to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. A ‘Hairy’ version with a real beard on the cover, and a ‘Smelly’ version with free scratch & sniff stickers! Such great gifts to treasure forever.

The Twits scratch & sniff stickers

There is also a new app you can download for more The Twits fun!


The Twits app

To celebrate, take part in the Roald Dahl Day Crafty Twits challenge! Here is what you have to do –

  1. Read the ‘Dirty Beards’ chapter of The Twits for some ideas
  2. Tear, rip, stick, bake or knit – do whatever you’ve got to do to make the most colourful, creative beard imaginable!
  3. Share your beard creations online around September 13th & throughout the month. Tag your pictures @Roald_Dahl and use the hashtag RoaldDahlDay.

Keep an eye on my Instagram & Twitter accounts @motherinlondon to see what my boys created!

The Twits is a story you and your kids will be wanting to read over and over again! A classic not to be missed. 

Thank you Roald Dahl for shaping our childhood, making us love reading and just making us all laugh 😃

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