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Chocolate at it’s very best 🇮🇹 by Carlo Rotta ðŸ«

September 13, 2015

As you all know I love chocolate, I also love to choose things of the best possible quality.

When it comes to choosing chocolate for me and my family I believe it has to be the best. You cannot afford to crimp and save when it comes to choosing chocolate especially if like me you only consume a few small squares of it with your daily coffee to relax and unwind.

Carlo Rotta – perfect with my favourite coffee

I love all things Italian. I am in awe of the Italian adoration of food and joie de vivre! They know how to eat! They know how to eat and enjoy the best quality ingredients. Not only because they have good taste buds as a nation but also because they are lucky enough to have access to the best quality ingredients! 

Carlo Rotta produce quality chocolates! So good infact they sell their goodies in London’s most iconic stores known for luxury – Harrods & Selfridges.

Made in Turin, Italy, a city with more than a century of tradition in chocolate production. The long love story between Turin and chocolate began in 1560 when, to celebrate transfer of his capital from Chambéry, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy symbolically served a steaming cup of hot chocolate to the city. Turin is still synonymous with chocolate even today. An authentic passion that has stimulated the creativity of the master chocolatiers of the city over the centuries, to the extent that they have been able to create specialities appreciated all over the world, and Turin-born Carlo Rotta wishes to continue and add to this tradition.

Carlo Rotta’s exclusive creations are made using only wholesome raw materials of the highest quality. All the basic ingredients, such as hazelnuts from the Langhe area, are typical products of the Piedmont region.

The Carlo Rotta selection is just totally yummy. Here are a few of the delicious delights I tried-

  • Gianduiotto – a creamy bite sized delight perfect as an after dinner treat or a little sweetness with your coffee, delightful flavours filled with the purest ingredients- hazelnuts, pistachios or coffee.


  • Crema Cacao – a thick creamy chocolatey spread, so lucious one spoonful is more than enough. Totally scrumptious.

Crema Cacao

  • Cioccolato Extra Bitter – a deeply dark chocolate with such amazing flavours to choose from – chilli, absinth, cinnamon, ginger.

Cioccolato Extra Bitter with Chilli

If you want to enjoy the best possible quality chocolate, filled with the best natural ingredients, try Carlo Rotta.

Find out more here –


  1. frev permalink

    i tried it, very very good! I like the pistachio one

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