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The Age of Adaline 🎬 a movie that makes you appreciate age ❤️

August 30, 2015

I’m on an airplane, we are on our way home from a wonderful summer in Turkey. The boys are busy on their ipads and I have the luxury of watching the inflight movie – ‘The Age of Adaline’ starring the naturally beautiful Blake Lively and very grey but still dashing Harrison Ford.

It is a movie about never getting old, never changing physically, staying frozen in a certain age while everyone around you continues to get older. Oh wow now that would be amazing I first thought, but this movie got me thinking about how terrifying and unimaginably difficult it would be.

The movie is set in one of my favourite US cities San Francisco. Adaline played by Blake Lively is 107 but doesn’t look a day over 30. She has a car accident, and a chemical reaction between ice cold water and being struck by lightning gives her the ability to never age. 

I won’t give too much more of the story away but it was a movie which got me thinking. I love any movie which can take me away from my current setting and make me ponder and wonder, what if.

Would I want to stop aging I ask myself as I approach the big 40 next year. I do feel older, but I am totally enjoying it. My children are growing, becoming more independent, not as needy of me, and although it is sad to see them grow so fast I am loving having my life back. I have so many plans, things I want to do. Get fitter, swim more, improve my French. The list is endless life is good in all its stages, all its ages.

There is one scene in the movie where Adaline meets her daughter for lunch. Adaline still a glowing youth at 30, her daughter an elderly lady in her 80’s talking about which retirement home she wants to go to. Not a position Id like to be in. A very sad situation to be in.

The worst thing about Adaline’s situation in my opinion has got to be having to witness the loss of all of your loved ones as you outlive them all. Truly heartbreaking.

All in all a thought provoking movie. I definitely recommend you watch it. I bet  that it will make you embrace life with all it’s up and downs, aging wrinkles and all. ❤️

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