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Learn how to master the art of cooking Turkish cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen ❀️ πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

August 19, 2015

As you all know I adore cooking. It’s not only a passtime for me and a means of feeding my family healthy homemade delights, it is also a way to create and relax in the comfort of my own home.

My mother is Turkish, I am actually writing to you from Turkey at this very moment where I am on holiday. I love all things Turkish and Mediterranean- the people, the way of life and especially the food!

Turkish food is very healthy – fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs. Many of the foods now classed as ‘superfoods’ have been staples in the Turkish diet for centuries. For example I have been eating bulgur wheat as a delicious rice cooked by my darling mother since I was a little girl.

What is the best thing about Turkish cuisine you may wonder. The answer is it is doable. It’s not fancy with lots of expensive unattainable ingredients like French cuisine can be, once you get the hang of cooking the key ingredients and know which pulses go best with which vegetables and which spices to add to which meats. You will be the master of a cuisine which your kids will adore and you will be cooking up dishes filled with superfoods daily.

I am lucky enough to have been brought up in a household where Turkish food was cooked daily. I learnt all I know from my mother who is an exquisite cook. I believe the best way to learn how to cook a dish is not from a book, it is by seeing the dish being prepared in front of your very eyes.

I have found the perfect solution for anyone wanting to learn something new, and master the art of Turkish cooking. A cooking class which will not only teach you about Turkey and it’s cuisine, but give you a visual step by step guide in to how to prepare some absolutely authentic Turkish dishes. 

I don’t have time to go to a cookery class you may argue. Well I have the perfect solution, bring the cookery class in to the comfort of your own home.

The geniuses at – – an amazing online platform for busy people who want to optimise their health, have created the perfect online classes for those of us who do not have the time to physically go to cookery classes.  


Ozlem Warren is your very friendly and likeable guide to Turkish culture and cookery. The class is split up in to 18 lessons in the form of video footage, the longest lesson is 20 minutes long, the shortest is 1 minute long. It is a very accessible and well put together online course. The class begins with Ozlem giving us an insight into her very interesting background and heritage, taking us through the history of Turkish cuisine and then by explaining the ingredients which go into making this cuisine so rich, she utilises these delicacies to make some delicious traditionally Turkish dishes.


Ozlem Warren, like my mother, is a Turkish national who was born and brought up in Turkey and moved abroad after getting married. 

She has her own very popular blog- – and she gives Turkish cookery classes in the US, UK and Turkey. I couldn’t think of anyone better to learn about this wonderful cuisine from, Ozlem is a true expert.


This online class will teach you how to prepare these very traditional Turkish dishes, which I cannot wait to make at home-

  • Ispanakli Borek – Spinach & Feta Traybake Pastry
  • Karniyarik – Eggplant/aubergines stuffed with ground meat and vegetables
  • Patatesli Bulgurlu Kofte – bulgur & potato patties

I have always wanted to attend a cookery class, but with two young kids it has proved impossible. But thanks to this ingenious online course I managed to complete the course in the comfort of my own home. What is great about this course is that it is split into short sections so you can complete one part, go do the laundry, then come back later on to watch the next part. 

The recipes are explained clearly and visually so the recipes are so much easier to follow than from a recipe in a book. Ozlem Warren is just so lovely, almost like having a long lost friend visiting to teach you all she knows.

A great present for someone special who loves to cook, a great treat for yourself, and the perfect way to learn about this cuisine which has so much history and taste.

You can purchase the online course here –

You can find out more about Ozlem on her blog

As we say in Turkey ‘Afiyet Olsun’! 

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