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A must see – Memphis the Musical!

July 23, 2015

I absolutely adore musicals! Don’t get me wrong, I do love going to the theatre too. But musicals transport me to another world, a dream like outer world where everyone sings and dances. It is pure magic!

Since I was little I have been lucky enough to go to musicals and shows in London’s amazing West End. My father having been Head Concierge at some of London’s most luxurious hotels, was invited to see the latest shows so he could in turn recommend them to his guests, and my mother and I were lucky enough to go along and see these shows and give our honest opinions.

My husband and I love to plan ‘date nights’ be it to a local restaurant, or a place we enjoy in the city, but to book a west end show such as a musical, now that is a special night indeed!

The other night we were lucky enough to spend date night seeing ‘Memphis the Musical’ at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre, right in the middle of Theatre land. The theatre itself is a beauty to behold. Dating back to 1911 with the most beautiful ornate ceilings, balconies and walls adorned with faces and sculptures depicting various scenes. 

The Story –

Memphis the Musical in one word is just superb! It had me jiggling in my seat from the first scene. 

Set in 1950’s Memphis in Tennessee, it is a story inspired by true events about the underground dance clubs of the time. The story follows the fame and forbidden love of a radio DJ who wants to change the world and make it racially equal, his lady love is a club singer who is ready for her big break.

The Stars –

The lead lady is played by super talented multi-award winning recording artist Beverley Knight, the lead man is multi-platinum selling record artist and winner of ITV’s X factor Matt Cardle.

Verdict –

My husband and I absolutely loved the show! From the very beginning to the very end we were wowed by the amazing dancing, beautiful costumes, unforgetable storyline and absolutely amazing voice of Beverley Knight and the other stars. 

Beverley Knight’s voice reminded me a lot of the late great Whitney Houston who I was lucky enough to see live in concert. A strong, spine tingling voice which had me laughing and crying at stages throughout the show.

I must admit I am not a huge fan of the X Factor, so did not really know Matt Cardle too well, but he is extremely talented, an all round singing and dancing entertainer, and I felt he fitted the role very well.

The other cast members were all as talented with great voices and dance routines.

The storyline is coincidentaly set in a similar region of America to where To Kill a Mocking Bird was set, a book I recently reviewed on my blog. So the emotions, the discrimination, the terrible ordeal that was lived by people of that era was definitely put across in the most lifelike way possible.

So if you are looking for a fun night out, filled with music, dancing, history, emotion and unbelieveable talent, this is the show for you!

Book now and have a super fun evening out-

Show times & days –

Monday to Saturday- 7.30pm

Wednesday & Saturday- 2.30pm

  1. I remember seeing Memphis at one of my all time favorite, out door theaters! Such an amazing experience!

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