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‘Frill’ the super healthy frozen smoothie ice cream! 🍧

July 18, 2015

Ok its definitely getting warmer! Even in London we are keeping the windows open at night, wearing sandals and eating much more ice cream! I find ice cream to be that awfully moorish food which is so good to eat you find it difficult to stop.

Thats why I always go for individual sized portions. Or I just don’t buy it for the home and instead treat myself to a small scoop when out and about. However when you have kids things change. You find yourself buying ice creams, biscuits and chocolates for the home because they want these treats, they are kids after all. So in order to keep a balance I try to choose the healthiest ice creams, chocolates and biscuits, so we can all enjoy these treats as a family without the added sugar or fat content. But instead filled with goodies such as fruit.

The Product-

There are a lot of ice cream choices out on the market today, and ‘Frill’ is definitely the healthiest one of these!

Frill is a brand new kind of dessert. It’s a frozen smoothie. It tastes as rich, smooth and delicious as the best premium ice cream, and zings with natural flavour. But unlike ice cream or frozen yogurt, Frill doesn’t contain any dairy, so everyone can enjoy it, even strict vegans. And unlike sorbet, Frill has no added sugar. The only sweetness comes from the fruit inside. That’s around half the sugar you’d expect to find in a regular ice cream. 

Frill is definately not as sweet as regular ice creams, frozen yogurts or creamy desserts. The taste is so much cleaner and with the ingredients involved it is the epitome of clean eating.

The ingredients and combinations are divine, here are the flavours available –

Out now – Intense Chocolate  – Refreshing Green – Bursting Berries

Coming soon – Fresh Strawberry – Crunchy Nuts

Bursting Berries


I really loved the Frill range, I find ice creams and frozen yogurts to be too sweet in general, so these were just right. All the yum without any guilt whatsoever!

My boys enjoyed the Intense Chocolate sweetened with pure and natural ingredients – dates & cocoa powder. Frill is made from pure fruit and natural ingredients so there is absolutely no sugar added. Instead it is filled with lots of fibre – actually ten times more fibre than regular ice cream!

The ‘Refreshing Green’ was a little more difficult for my kids to get used to, they don’t eat green ice cream everyday, but they do drink a lot of fresh green juice (that I secretly add spinach to). 

Refreshing Green is filled with spinach, celery, avocado & basil, dates, apples, pineapples and mangoes. How amazing! A Super Green Smoothie frozen into a dessert. It was not my boys favourite but they still had some and I loved it! 

Try the latest in ice creams for yourself, super frozen smoothies, ice cream will never be seen as ‘unhealthy’ ever again!

I can’t wait to try ‘Crunchy Nut!’

Watch this space – an easy peasy smoothie recipe using Frill coming to my blog soon!

Find out where to get your Frill here –

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