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A Weekend in Beautiful Berlin 🇩🇪 A great place to visit with kids! 

July 11, 2015

My very first guest blogger is Aysin Kuran; a Turkish friend of mine now living in Berlin, Germany. A beautiful full time mother to three gorgeous kids. So happy to have her give us a tour of her home away from home – Berlin. 


So you want to visit Berlin with Kids? 

I love Berlin and having lived here for only 15 months, I still consider myself a tourist in this lovely city. And if you ask me the best time to visit (especially with kids) I would recommend  May, June, September or October. 


 There are many indoor activities but why visit a city when you cannot enjoy it to the fullest by strolling or by riding a bike through the many parks it offers you. Believe me, you will have enough rain to enjoy the museums! ☺

I took my first Hop on Hop off ride in Berlin and since then I have been addicted to them in every new city I visit. I believe it is the fastest way to visit a new city and discover the places you want to explore in more detail. 

Having three kids, I usually do the ride without hopping off and then do the exploration on another day. Almost all of the kids love these rides, but not mine! Mine prefer the boat rides and lucky for me Berlin has many boat sightseeing tours available as well! Boat rides leave from many places, one of them being in front of the Berliner Dome on Museum Island. Hop On Hop Off bus tours can be found in this link –

Berlin was once divided and because of that it has two Zoos today. The Zoo Berlin (with a huge Aquarium that can be visited with a combined ticket) and TierPark. Zoo Berlin is so green and beautiful that I have a grown up  friend who goes there everytime she is in town! Do plan to spend at least 5 hours there and try to go in early if you want to rent the Kid Wagons or avoid the long lines at the entrance on a nice sunny day.

Speaking of Aquariums, there is another SeaLife Aquarium and an AquaDome in the heart of Berlin, just across from Museum Island. The AquaDome elevator ride is short but worth every minute.

What happens when it rains? Well the good news is, usually rain does not last all day long here, so check out the weather report and go into the Natural History Museum (Museum für NaturKunde) or the Technical Museum (Deutsches TechnikMuseum) until the sun comes out. Both are entertaining for children of any age and very informative for us older kids.


Potsdamer Platz is definitely a sight you have to see, and to combine adult sightseeing with a child friendly activity I would advise you to visit Legoland, see miniature Berlin, build and race Lego cars with your kids and let them play while you sip your coffee at the Café inside. Afterwards go out and eat in one of the lovely restaurants at the Sony Center. If you are going to visit Legoland, do buy and print your tickets online as it is almost half of the walk-in price. 


Potsdamer Platz Sony Center


Legoland discovery center

Last but not least you must visit PrenzlauerBerg, and the famous Helicopter Moms of the neighbourhood! It is said that many of the new families with kids move here, and it is true. When you stroll along the KollwitzKiez during a sunny day, you will think there is a baby boom in Berlin ☺ This makes this area a favorite place for many Natural and Organic boutiques and child friendly Cafés.

Almost every restaurant around the Kiez has a Kids Menu, with paper and crayons to entertain your little ones. My favorite one with exceptional service (no matter how many and how noisy your kids are) is Gugelhof. I have been here many times with a various number of adults and kids, and without exception the food and service has been excellent.

Our favorite park is Spielplatz am Wasserturm and the best ice cream shops are ‘Die Eisbüffe und der Waffler’ and Malibu, that are both nearby. 



If you have small kids and feel like you need a rest, try the Kids Café ZuckerSchnute on RykeStrasse. While your kids play indoors you can enjoy a herbal tea, or wine! I believe that as parents we do deserve some wine from time to time! 

When I first came to Berlin, I fell in love with the Childrens Playgrounds. I thought every one of them was a work of Art, and to this day, after visiting many of them, I still do. 

So you may enjoy the museums and the bars and the restaurants in Berlin but do not forget to let your kids burn off any pent up energy by having them enjoy the playgrounds before you return to your hotel room and tuck them into bed.

There is so much more to do here in Berlin. Being the greenest European Capital, just a day out biking through Tiergarten or Volkspark Friedrischain is enough to enjoy this beautiful city.

Enjoy your visit and do keep in touch to add more to this list! 
To ask Aysin anything about Berlin please email me at the email address below and I will pass your message onto her! 

Sounds like a super fun city to me! I’m planning my visit very soon! xxx

  1. Sounds amazing ❤️

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