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Spiralize to get in shape! The healthiest way to enjoy a huge plate of noodles! 🍝

June 30, 2015

I love pasta! Who doesn’t? It is the ultimate feel good food. Easy to prepare and so scrumptious to enjoy whatever the weather. I went to a very luxurious Japanese restaurant with my parents once, and we asked the Restaurant Manager if he ate the gorgeous Japanese delicacies served at the restaurant at home, he laughed at replied, “Oh no! Spaghetti every night!”

Spagetti is an easy enough dish for anyone to prepare, we love it with homemade pesto sauce in my household. Sprinkled with sea salt, freshly grated parmesan and ground black pepper. Yummy!

However spaghetti and any other form of pasta can be fattening if over consumed and bloating. So how can you enjoy a big plate of spaghetti without all the calories? By Spiralizing of course!

Zoodles or Zucchini Noodles are the latest craze! Zucchini, or courgettes as they are known, cut into long stringy shapes like noodles! Its so simple and so amazingly tasty!

The Spiralizer from Shoppys is great because it is compact, so easy to use and comes with a super duper porcelain peeler too! What a great bargain!

Using the Spiralizer couldn’t be simpler. With a simple twist, you’ll have delicious vegetable noodles and julienne spirals. Your kids will want to help you in the kitchen when cooking is this much fun. If you’re on a special gluten free, low carb, raw food or Paleo diet, the Vegetable Spiralizer will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Here is how to achieve perfect zoodles in a few easy steps-

1. Peel the courgettes using the handy peeler-


2. Place the courgette in the Spiralizer to hold it in place –


3. Place the courgette into the Spiralizer and keep twisting until you get long stringy zoodles.


4. Just as you would with pasta place the zoodles in salted boiling water for 5minutes at the most.


5. Drain and serve with your favourite topping! Mine is homade pesto sprinkled with lots of chilli flakes and black pepper.

 Totally healthy and delicious! I’m going to spiralize carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and potatoes next! Yummy!
Enjoy! xxx

You can purchase your own Spiralizer from Shoppys on Amazon –

  1. Great spiralizer recipe, and I like the twist with soaking near the end 🙂

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