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The Parent Agency by David Baddiel 📚 Book review & Competition to win a copy! 

June 29, 2015

My boys love books that make them laugh, I mean who doesn’t like to laugh. It must be the best thing in the world! I find that when my boys read a book thats funny they are engaged more and want to keep on reading. It also makes reading time extra fun for parents. Anyone who has been brought up with British humour will love listening to this book being read, I had several laugh out loud moments.

David Baddiel is a man who knows how to make people laugh. He is an English comedian who has now written this super funny book for kids to enjoy. This is his first book for kids and it is a good one.

The Parent Agency is a book about Barry Bennett (almost 10 years old) Barry is a boy who doesn’t like his name, and wishes his parents weren’t always so boring and tired. So he keeps wishing he had better parents. His wish does come true, he is transported magically to another world, a world where children get to choose their parents, the children become the adults in this imaginary world. Just imagine the possibilities.

My 7 year old son absolutely loved this book, He is a big fan of the Dirty Bertie books, and found The Parent Agency to be just as funny. I don’t want to give too much away but my son loved the part where the Lionel Messi and James Bond Posters in Barry’s room came alive. He also loved the magical map of London where his home town was transformed into a paradise for kids, where Piccadilly Circus & Oxford Circus were actual circuses, Marble Arch had an actual giant marble under it’s arch and Tate Modern was ‘Potato Modern’! The illustrations are also great, drawn by Roald Dahl Prize winner Jim Field.

Magical, super comical and a real page turner! What more could any child want from a book. A lovely book to enjoy over the summer holidays!

Amazon link for purchase:
Watch David Baddiel talk about The Parent Agency –

Competition Time!!!!!! 

Win your own copy of The Parent Agency absolutely free! 

Simply email me at the address below with the subject line ‘The Parent Agency.’ A winner will be picked at random. Competition closes on July 11th 2015. Uk residents only.

Good luck & happy reading!

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