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Organic Chocolate Truffles Booja-Booja style πŸ’›

June 24, 2015

I simply adore chocolate, and eating good chocolate truffles have got to be the epitome of luxury and pleasure. A sweet, chocolatey soft gooey centre that just melts in your mouth. Just pure heaven.

Here is a company with the cutest name ever, who pride themselves on providing amazing chocolate truffles that are gluten, dairy & soy free, but full of taste!

Booja-Booja offers delicious moments of beautifully sweet pleasure that help you brighten the faces of your friends and loved ones … and to occasionally quietly enjoy on your own and smile. Their recipes have the perfectly minimal number of simple organic ingredients and everything is dairy, gluten and soya free. 

The flavours are just mouthwateringly divine! 

– Raspberry chocolate truffles

– Banoffee toffee chocolate truffles

– Around Midnight Espresso chocolate truffles

– Fine de Champagne chocolate truffles

– Hazelnut chocolate truffles 

– Kalamon Olive chocolate truffles 

– Almond & Sea Salt Caramel chocolate truffles 

– Cherry Cognac chocolate truffles

– Dark Ecuadorian chocolate truffles 

– Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool chocolate truffles 

– Rum Sozzled Sultana chocolate truffles 

– Stem Ginger chocolate truffles 


Such a great after dinner suprise to serve to your guests, or just a yummy scrummy chocolate to enjoy with a cup of steaming coffee to put a smile on your face.

Booja Booja also make an ‘Ice Cream’ alternative which Im definitely going to try! 

Enjoy! xxx

  1. I have these occasionally as a treat, but have their icecream regularly I love it.

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