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Choose only the best quality chocolate! 🍫

June 21, 2015

I read just the other day that eating a moderate amount of chocolate a day has been linked to a lowered risk of heart disease and stroke.

I am a true chocoholic. I love nothing more than my favourite coffee with a piece of delicious chocolate. However I can only eat good chocolate. It has to be chocolate which tastes of chocolate, not milk or lots of sugar.

Le Jeune Chocolatiers are good at chocolate, it is what they do. This chocolate has got to be one of the most delicious I have had in a long time. The tastes are sensational, not only is the chocolate of the best possible quality, the flavours raise it to a totally new sublime level.

Le Jeune Chocolatiers is the creation of Harika and her husband. After having lived in Switzerland for 14 years where they trained as chocolate artisans, they moved to London 2 years ago to fulfill their dream of bringing the Swiss quality and taste of chocolate to the UK. Harika’s husband is British and he grew up eating very sweet, factory-made chocolate. At the other end of the scale are the many luxury chocolatiers who make chocolate with a very high cocoa content, it may be healthy but the taste is not always so appealing.

What Le Jeune Chocolatiers believe in is quality, innovation and taste, and in equal measures. So their chocolates have to look good, taste good and be different from the mainstream – these are artisan chocolates at a high standard.

Artwork and presentation is an important part of the product, and they work with new techniques to create unique designs on the beautiful chocolates so they are all a piece of art. They also like to use the most simple ingredients, without additives, and source their chocolate from 5 different growers to give a nice wide pallet of tastes.

Le Jeune chocolatiers are experts at what they do and the chocolate they produce is amazing! You can taste real chocolate.

Here are some of the delightful flavours on offer-

– Summer fruits

– Dark Almond

– Caramelised Almond

– White Chocolate with Raspberry & Blackberry

Sensational Summer Fruits!

Le Jeune Chocolatiers also have the most amazing selection of truffles you will ever taste! The Grand Marnier truffles are to die for!

You can purchase online from Harika herself via Le Jeune Chocolatiers facebook page. The web page is coming very soon. Also see them at Partridges Street Market at Duke of York Square in London.

Coming to stores very soon!!! Watch this space!

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