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Super Fun Pair of Summer reads 🌞 Β An Unexpected Affair & A Summer of Suprises – πŸ“š A book review

June 15, 2015

I absolutely love books that follow on from each other. I see books as an escape, a glimse into another world, another life. When I read a book I enjoy I get sad when it ends, I want to know what happens next.

The Unexpected Affair is the first book to read in this delightful duo of by Jan Ellis. 

The story is about Eleanor, who after her divorce decides it is time to begin again. She leaves behind her busy London life, and moves to a quiet seaside town in Devon. There she opens up a super cute bookshop, The Reading Room, on the local highstreet – and makes a success of it. There is no shortage of men. But when Eleanor thinks back over her life and loves, she remembers a passionate love affair in France in her twenties. And when her sister suggests they take a trip down memory lane and holiday there, will Eleanor take her up on her offer – and if she does, will she discover what happened to her great love Christophe? 

I couldn’t wait to find out what was to happen next so I managed to finish ‘A Summer of Suprises’ in one sitting! I cannot tell you too much about this book as it will give things away about the first book. But all I can say is just buy these books as a pair, they belong together.

The way Jan Ellis writes, the flow of words and ease of story reminds me a lot of books by one of my all time favourite Erica James. The story, the characters and the locations are so enticing these books are very difficult to put down. You find yourself wanting to find out more about Eleanor and her life. You will laugh, connect and wonder. 

I totally related to Eleanor because of her love of books. I too am a book worm, have always been one since I was a little girl, and have always wanted to have my own bookshop, much like ‘The Reading Room’ in this book. Eleanor is also a Francophile like me! I adore everything French – food, drink, people! J’adore la France! 

A lovely set of books to take away on holiday with you and read whilst relaxing on the beach or on a large comfortable sofa. 

I can’t wait to read more from Jan Ellis, she is now on my favourite authors list!

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