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Always choose Cold Pressed, Pure & Natural Juices! πŸŽπŸπŸˆ

June 14, 2015

My family and I are total fresh juice fanatics. I have a trusted juicer and I am always on the look out for different ingredients to combine and make an even yummier, more nutritious juice than the one before. My boys are always more than happy to oblige and be my tasters. They are extremely honest and will definitely not drink a juice they don’t like the taste of no matter how good for you, I tell them it is.

As a full time stay at home mother to two boys I can’t always find the time to juice at home, and as summer is at our doorstep we are always out and about, at the park, visiting friends, enjoying the great outdoors. This is where my latest find comes in. These juices are not only just like homemade, they are so sweet and pure my boys loved them. The combinations have been thought out so that they not only provide you and your family with a vitamin filled beverage but they also good great too! Great colourful drinks the whole family will adore.


Living Juice was founded and created by Remona, an inspirational mother of three who was very reluctant about buying heat damaged juices filled with fructose for her kids. She wanted an affordable, non-pasteurised, pure and wholesome drink filled with just fruit for her kids to enjoy. When she couldn’t find this on the market she set out to produce it herself!


Most store bought juices are ‘heat pasteurised, this means the fruit is cooked in the process in turn damaging the biological  integrity and leaving a ‘fructose soup.’ At living juices the fruit is ‘cold pressed’ so the vitamins, antioxidants and enzyme bonds are kept bio-active. With the high pressure technique they use the juice stays raw and living – nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

The Living Juice combinations are just divine –


– Apple, Pear & Raspberry

– Pineapple, Melon & Mango

– Orange & Kiwi

– Coconut Water

– Orange

Packed with Vitamin C and tons of goodness your family will love these drinks!

They are super convenient too! Just order on line and they will be delivered in iced bags straight to your door! How amazing!

Enjoy! xxx

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