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The Cheese Pirates 🐭 Cheddar Island! A book review 📚

June 8, 2015

I am so excited to be reviewing my first book for kids! Super excited because I have an assistant reviewer helping me; my 7year old son.

The Cheese Pirates by Christina Lewis is a very cool book aimed for kids aged 7-12 years old. I am a big fan of kids books, Roald Dahl being one of my all time favourite authors. I like to read them even now because these books are masters at letting your imagination run wild. Reach as high as you can, dream crazy dreams. Kids books are great at transporting you to another world altogether.

The Cheese Pirates is exactly this type of story. The PiRats have invaded Tillamook Bay. Merchant galleons with rich cargos of cheese and root beer never return from the dreaded Ghost Lagoon. Seamice desert the docks in droves. Leading a brave crew against the PiRats’ black fleet, Pepper Jack has one chance to defeat Tillamook Bay’s greatest adversary – and one last chance at redemption! 

Your kids, and you, will just love the adventure! My boys loved the swashbuckling Pepper Jack and the journey through pirate mouse infested seas. Christina Lewis writes with enthusiasm and daring, giving the characters life that totally appeals to young minds.

My elder son loved the story, he asked what happens next, so I hope the next volume is out soon! My younger son was also listening in eager to find out what happened next! With their absolute love for pirates my boys even asked if they could see Pepper Jack on the tv! There’s an idea! 

Find out more about this swashbuckling adventure here-
And get you copy on Amazon now-
Happy reading! xxx

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