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Keep your little monkeys healthy & happy with these super smoothies! ðŸ’

June 4, 2015

Smoothies are the in thing! Anywhere you look there are smoothie machines, recipes on how to make the greenest, healthiest, most original combination. I love smoothies, so yummy and such an easy way to get a mixture of vitamins and nutrients in one go.

My boys love juices, in all forms, bottled or fresh, but smoothies they are a bit pickier about. I have tried various recipes at home but they either turn out too thick, too sweet or a bit too bland for their palates. So we tried shop bought varieties and again some were just too sweet, until we discovered Happy Monkey smoothies!  


Happy Monkey smoothies are a super cute brand offering a great selection of fresh smoothies. What is great about these smoothies is that they are not too sweet, there are no bits and they are not thick so suit kiddies perfectly. The packaging is also fun and practical. Great for lunch boxes or lunching on the go. Here are some facts about these lovely drinks –

– Great for lunch boxes

– 100% fruit

– Each smoothie contains 1 full portion of fruit

– No bits

– No added sugar

– No sweeteners

– No additives

– 100% of kids recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C

The flavours are so yummy –

– Orange & Mango

– Strawberry & Banana

– Apple & Blackcurrant

Happy Monkey also does a scumptious strawberry and chocolate milkshake which is actually healthy of your little ones to enjoy!


– All the goodness of milk

– No artificial colours or flavours

– School approved

I also love Happy Monkey because they consider and care about the world we live in! Happy Monkey packaging carries the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. What this means is that by joining forces with Rainforest Alliance they have ensured that all their bananas are grown in an environmentally sustainable way and that fair wages are paid to the workers so they can enjoy better living conditions, housing, medical care for them and their dependants plus free education for their children. Truly inspirational.

So if you want to keep your little monkeys happy and healthy, choose Happy Monkeys!

Enjoy! xxx

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