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Love, Lies and Lemon cake! šŸ“š a book review

June 1, 2015

The title of this super fun book drew me straight in! I absolutely love Lemon cake, and the love and lies part were totally intriguing, what more could I want. This is a book that definitely does not disappoint, I could not put it down.

This is a story about Faye Dobson, a hairdresser, married to a passionless plumber, living in middle England. But her dreams are exactly the opposite to her reality, made of magical romances, travels to Paris and Rome. Making love under the sparkling stars. Unfortunately her husband is more interested in the tv remote control than spending anytime with Faye.

Life looks like it will never get any better until Faye meets Dan who works at the local delicatessen. Dan is a breathe of fresh air, a true Australian surfer dude; blonde, tanned, ten years younger than Faye and if that wasn’t enough, Dan bakes the most amazing lemon cake. Dan brings Faye the ray of lemony sunshine, the excitement she has been looking for. When Dan smiles Faye gets butterflies in her stomach, he even listens to what she has to say, the man and the excitement she has been longing for all her life is at her very doorstep, but is it another dream or is this for real?

I will not give too much away but lets just say you will want to know what happens with Faye and Dan!

If you are looking for a real laugh out loud, yet extremely realistic book, with a real woman character as the central focus, this is the book for you. I totally loved Faye’s character.

Sue Watson is the author of this fun, cute and in places deep book. It is chick lit in a way but in a deeper sense of the classification. The ways she explores the feelings of Faye’s character are very well explained. I love the way Sue writes as it just seems to flow so well. Her style is a lot like one of my all time favourite author’s – Jane Green. A book I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a laugh, cry and great read.

I am definitely reading another book by Sue Watson very soon, I’ve got my eye on ‘Younger, thinner, blonder’!

Sue is also a fellow blogger, check out her lovely blog and read about her other books –
Happy reading! xxx


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  1. Sounds interesting, definitely on my to-read list. Thanks for the review.

  2. Looks cool, I’ll take a look. I’d appreciate your opinion on my first writings… No obligation, but if you fancy, let me know what you think.

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