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Use the best flour & choose the right type of flour for perfect results! ğŸžÂ 

May 29, 2015

Today I am making bread, one of the most relaxing things to make. I am using the very best ingredients available. The recipe for my bread will be on another post coming very soon.

First I want to tell you about my latest discovery; Marriage’s flour – experts at what they do with almost 200 years of experience.

Marriage’s flour has been milling flour in Essex in the United Kingdom since 1824. Founded by twins William and Henry nearly 200years ago. Today the fifth and sixth generations of the Marriage family continue the milling tradition. Made using traditional techniques used for generations and the best modern milling technology.

The flour experts at Marriage’s have a superbly healthy range of flours available, each to suit a different purpose –

Organic Strong White Bread Flour – Perfect for bread, rolls, pizza & puff pastry

Organic Strong Stoneground Wholemeal Bread Flour – Perfect for traditional bread & rolls

Organic Country Fayre Malted Brown Bread Flour – With cracked malted grains for breads & rolls.

Dark Rye– For dense, rich flavoured bread

Light Spelt – For sweet, nutty flavoured bread, cakes & pancakes

Moulsham Strong Malted Seeded Bread – Ideal for breads & rolls

Finest Strong White Bread Flour – High protein for bread, rolls, pizza & puff pastry

Very Strong White 100% Canadian Bread Flour – Very high protein for bread, rolls & pasta.

Finest Plain White Flour – All purpose for pastry, biscuits & sauces

Organic Plain White Flour – All-purpose for pastry, biscuits & sauces

Organic Light Brown Plain Flour – All purpose for pastry, biscuits & crumbles

Finest Self Raising White Flour – For light sponges, scones & muffins

Organic Self Raising Flour – For light sponges, scones & muffins

Organic Light Brown Self Raising Flour – For cakes, scones & muffins

If you loved watching the Bake Off you will know Paul Hollywood and if you have a look at his website you will see the importance he gives to choosing the right flour for the goodies you are making. He also underlines the importance of using good quality flour.

Look no further, Marriage’s flour is one of the best on the market! My bread was totally delicious by the way, recipe coming very soon!

  1. Can’t beat freshly baked bread! 🙂

    • Good morning! Oh yes the house smells divine, the taste is just so fresh! I made Oat & Dark rye bread using this super flour! With some special ingredients, recipe coming very soon! xxxx

      • It’s such an uplifting aroma, can’t wait to see you recipe 🙂 xx

      • I’m not an expert bread maker, but this recipe was so simple & we got lovely bread! Kids loved it. Have a super day! xxx

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