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Rebel Kitchen Mylk! Refreshing, delicious, Sugar, Dairy, Wheat, Gluten & Nut free! – the perfect Summer drink šŸ’›

May 28, 2015

I have found that giving up dairy helps me lose weight. Everyone is different and every body and metabolism is different, but for my body dairy free seems to work.

The first thing I switch when I go dairy free is my choice of milk, a drink I just cannot get enough of. I use soy and almond milks in my cereal and ask for these when I have a cappuccino at my local coffee house. But now I have a new favourite; coconut milk!

My switch has come about because of these super duper drinks by Rebel Kitchen made from dairy free coconut milk, or as they have cleverly rebranded it Coconut Mylk! I guess I am a little rebel at heart so absolutely loved the packaging and especially loved the taste of these gorgeously refreshing drinks!

The flavours are just so cool, as my 7 year old son called them! No additives or preservatives, and as Rebel Kitchen quite rightly says, ‘If you can’t say it, don’t eat it!’

For the grown up Rebels – Chocolate, Coffee, Matcha Green Tea & Chai

For the mini Rebels – Chocolate, Orange Chocolate & Banana


The base ingredients are just so pure and simple –
Water, Coconut Milk, Date Nectar

The story behind these super healthy drinks is inspirational. In 2010 founders Ben and Tamara launched The A Team Foundation – a charity aimed to help the nation’s approach to food, health and sustainability.  The charity is still running strong today, but Ben and Tamara decided that to make a real mark, they needed to get out in to the market with a product which could prove this change to the world. This is how Rebel Kitchen drinks were born. They are a company which take pride in good working ethics and authentic purpose.

My boys absolutely loved these drinks. My boys are not dairy intolerant but I love them to try everything in moderation. The benefits of coconut milk are just amazing, research shows that drinking this yummy milk can protect the body from viruses and infections. Sweetened with date nectar, these drinks do not contain sugar. What more could a mother want for her kids.

I have a super sweet tooth and the Chocolate Mylk definitely hit the right spot! The Coffee Mylk is my latest favourite for coffee on the go!

Go on be a rebel give Rebel Kitchen Mylk a go! xxx–uk.html

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