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My love for Turkish Coffee! β˜•οΈ

May 27, 2015

For those of you who don’t know me I am half Turkish; my mother is Turkish and my father is English. I have been brought up living and experiencing both cultures. 
Food is a very important part of the Turkish culture, and Turkish coffee is a huge part of the national heritage. Similar in taste and consistency to its fellow Greek and Lebanese coffees.

Coffee for the Turkish people dates back centuries. In the 1640s, the Ottoman chronicler Δ°brahim Pecevi reported the opening of the first coffeehouse in what was then Constatinople, currently known as Istanbul. Not only is Turkish coffee a delicious drink, in Turkey or for Turkish people around the world it is a ritual, a means of taking a step back from the day to day happenings of life and to just relax.

The preparation of this coffee is a ritual in itself. Not a quick easy drink to have on the go, but one which has to be cooked, waited upon and when served it must be savoured. Each sip tasted and enjoyed.

The brewing of Turkish coffee is said to be the oldest form of coffee preparation in the world. The first step is where the beans for Turkish coffee are ground or pounded to the finest possible powder; finer than for any other way of preparation. I don’t do this at home but buy it prepared in tins for ultimate freshness. The next step is to cook the ground coffee until it is totally combined with water. Sugar can be added if desired. The best Turkish coffee is one with a thick foam on the top!

For me it is a different experience to that of enjoying an espresso or cappuccino. I adore all types of coffee but Turkish coffee relaxes me, it lets me reflect on life for a few minutes in my busy day. Try it some time!

Afiyet olsun! (Enjoy! in Turkish)

  1. Looks very nice, and those cups, I love the designs πŸ™‚ x

    • Thank you! These were a gift from a special friend, but are from an amazing store in Turkey called ‘Pasabahce’ – have a look – xxx

      • Thank you I will have a peek, Turkey is a lovely country, I have visited twice before xx

      • Thats great! Which parts did you visit? xxx

      • I went to Bodrum and Altinkum , went in August both times and it was very hot! xx

      • Yes August is very hot! Try Antalya one year, it is very beautiful too, but best to go in May, June or September, October. Xxx

      • That is one the places I was looking at going, the only problem I have is that I can only go in school holidays as our schools fine you if you take them out during school time! Tunisia is booked for this year! xx

      • Tunisia will be lovely I’m sure! Same here school holidays are a pain x

      • Tunisia is lovely, can’t wait to return, I thought it was just our area for holiday fines! x

  2. I adore Turkish coffee, as I mentioned in my blog I will never forget drinking it in Istanbul, the sounds the sense of history alongside the taste in those lovely cups ( bought myself some)

    • Im so glad you like Turkish coffee! Can be too strong for some, but to enjoy it in Istanbul is a joy everyone needs to experience at least once! xxx

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