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Kiddylicious! Delicious heathy & fun snacks for your little ones ❤️

May 23, 2015

My boys are a little older now but I always remember the importance of snacks as they were growing. As a mother on the go, having something at hand in your bag was so important! 

Kiddylicious are healthy snack experts! Not only are their snacks suitable for your very little ones, they are yummy and so much fun too. 

Founded by a fellow mother; Sally Preston. When Sally had her babies she was an experienced food scientist working for Marks and Spencer in the ready meal department. She had spent her career developing tempting, great tasting, good quality food that was convenient and ready to eat in minutes. So why, she wondered, did mums have to choose between offering their babies bland, sterilized jars and cans, or spending time making baby food themselves, so Sally decided since she could not buy good quality, convenient meals for her babies she would develop a range herself and Babylicious was born. Super healthy snacks – Kiddylicious- followed.

Wriggles, Melts, Puffs and Crispie Tidlers! Even their names are cute! Your little ones will love the great ranges and tastes on offer-

Wriggles – Tropical, Apple or Strawberry – 


Made from the finest, juiciest fruit that has been cooked, pureéd and whizzed to magically form wonderfully tasty wriggles – they can be twisted or twiddled by little fingers – great fun!

Super Smoothie Melts – ‘Blackcurrant & Apple,’ ‘Banana, Mango & Passion fruit’ or ‘Strawberry & Banana’ – 


100% pure fruit whizzed up to make it all frothy, then set into delicious bubbly bites that melt as soon as you put them on your tongue!

Pure Fruity Puffs! – Banana, Strawberry or Blueberry –


Little children start trying out their “pincer grasp” from around 7 to 10 months, using their thumbs and index fingers to pick up food and bring it to their mouths. Fruity Puffs are just perfect – easy to grasp, safe for little ones, and with a fantastic taste.

Crispie Tidlers – Raspberry or Banana –


Made from real fruit and fruit juice, puréed and mixed with crispy little rice pieces, each bag has no added sugar and contributes to more than 1 of your 5 a day. These little Tiddlers are ideal for decorating cakes and biscuits. They’re tiddly but tasty and packed with real fruit!

These yummy treats not only make great snacks but are super duper for decorating your cakes with! They give your bakes a little something special and make them a little healthier too!

Here is what we made with my boys using the cute and yummy Fruit Wriggles! Spooky spiders with wriggly legs! Make these with your little ones over half term! So simple yet so effective! 


You will need-

– 2 packets of Kiddylicious Fruit Wriggles

– 1 packet of extra filling chocolate cookies with a cream filling

– Honey to use as glue

– Jelly sweets


Carefully seperate the top and bottom half of the cookies. Gently press down the Kiddylicious Fruit Wriggles into the cream filling. Get your kids to count out how many legs you will need. Use a little honey to stick the top of the cookies back down. Use honey to stick on the jelly sweets as eyes.

And voilà, creepy crawlies that taste yummy!

So if you are looking for a healthy, yummy and fun snack your little ones will love the geniuses at Kiddylicious have a great range of snacks you must try!

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