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Natasha Troy! The softest 100% Organic T-shirts for kids ❤️

May 22, 2015

Natasha Troy is my latest discovery! Super soft 100% Organic T-shirts for kids, with the most original, most amazing prints and a company which has a huge consideration for the environment.


Natasha Troy cares about what you put onto your kids bodies. A company which has thought about why they use 100% Organic cotton. 

Did you know that cotton is responsible for the consumption of more than 15% of the world’s total production of pesticides, whilst organic cotton is grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and grown on land without toxic residues. Organic cotton is not genetically modified and has not been treated with any washes, bleaches, colours or scents. 

The prints are to die for! ‘Go on give me a hug,’ ‘Have courage be kind,’ ‘Long Hair Don’t Care,’ ‘Slugs, snails and Puppy dog tails’ – just have a look they are super adorable!


I like originality in everything I do, and I tend to buy things that also stand out from the crowd. Be it food, drink or clothes.

Like all mothers I want only the best for my kids. I am particularly picky when it comes to dressing my boys. I love bright colours, t-shirts with prints which are different. However the quality of the clothes is so important; cotton has to be 100% cotton, in my opinion wearing anything acrylic is just the same as wearing a plastic bag. We need to be careful about what we put on our kids as well as the food & drink we put in them!

So if you want only the best for your little ones, if you want original t-shirts your kids will cherish, visit Natasha Troy online for these great creations and many more. A great idea as a gift!

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