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Soft, chewy and utterly delicious Gluten free ‘bonny’ Marshmallows 💛💛💛

May 21, 2015

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a soft spot for marshmallows. I don’t know whether its the soft gooey centre or the way they just squish between your fingertips, they are like miniture edible clouds of sweetness.

I have to admit I have tried making them at home but have yet to find the perfect recipe, so at the moment I have succumbed to the fact that some things are better left to the experts. 

Bonny Confectionery are experts at making marshmallows. Not just any old marshmallows, these are prize winning marshmallows with bells and whistles! 

There is a great story behind this lovely confectionery; Jackie & Cordie are mothers like me, they are also friends who live in the same village, were born on the same day and are the creative minds behind these scrumptious treats! 

Such an amazing selection of goodies on offer online from huge squishy zingy lemon marshmallows to creamy Belgian chocolate & vanilla marshmallows to my boys favourite – Madagascan vanilla marshmallows on a stick so you can ‘dip, stir and melt!’ Hot chocolates in our household will never be the same again. 


If you are planning a birthday party, picnic or just in need of a fun treat for the kids, and adults alike, visit Bonny Confectionery and try out some of their award winning, homemade treats for yourself!

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