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‘Get fruity’ bars – scrumptious healthy snacks your whole family will enjoy! ðŸ’›

May 19, 2015

My younger son is an absolutely snack monster! He loves snacking, something little after breakfast, something when I pick him up from nursery. So I am always on the look out for healthy snacks.

These ‘Get Fruity’ bars are a sure hit with both my boys, and my husband. They taste so fruity yet not sugary sweet and they contain oats! They are moist and taste just like they are homemade! The flavours available are also super healthy and yummy – 

– Juicy Apricot, Orange & Ginger

– Moist mixed berry

– Scrumptious strawberry

So what makes these bars extra special-

– The sweetness comes only from fruit, so there is absolutely no refined sugar.

– Gluten free.

– Suitable for vegans.

– Contain virgin coconut oil.

– Great source of fibre & low in salt.

The mere fact that the delicious snacks contain oats, don’t contain sugar and are made with coconut oil are amazing!

I always like to find out how companies got started. Get Fruity has an inspirational story behind it; started 10 years ago by Davina Whiteoak who is the founder of Get Fruity. A proud mother of 2 young children who has a passion for food and likes to create dishes to feed her busy family. After working in the food industry for 15years Davina decided to move back to the countryside in Cornwall where she grew up and create these healthy nutritious bars of goodness.

My family absolutely love these bars, I will always keep a bar in my bag for those snack attack moments when on the go! Get Fruity bars really hit the spot!

Enjoy! xxx

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