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Anorak animal prints will make packed lunches even more fun for kids! – Stacking snack Box with kissing rabbits ❤️

May 11, 2015

My boys and I adore picnics! Even in the freezing cold we love to pack up some lunch and head to museums then find a bench somewhere to sit together and enjoy the goodies.

We also absolutely love animals as a whole family. Anything even remotely related to animals will excite my boys no end.

So you can imagine my excitement on discovering the beautiful range of products at Anorak, the British brand which loves the great outdoors! The cutest prints all focusing on animals; rabbits, horses, foxes, squirrels, deer. 

   This is the latest addition to the extensive range of animal printed products on offer at Anorak – the cutest ever ‘stacking snack box’ decorated with Kissing Rabbits! New for picnic this season, Kissing Squirrels also now adorn Anorak’s stylish coolbag and lunch bag. New product lines include salad servers, salad bowls and this super handy new stacking snack box, perfect for lunch on the move.

The design is inspired by the Japanese bento boxes, it has two generously sized compartments to endure your food stays fresh until it’s time to dine. What’s great is that the snack box is microwave safe so you can heat your lunch right up, and most importantly for me it can go right into the dishwasher at the end of the day!

My sons adore pasta salad for lunch, and with regular boxes you can store the pasta salad but there is never a space for the cutlery and other snacks. This stacking bento box method is perfect! Pasta in the top half, fork and other snacks in the bottom half nice and tidy. The geniuses at Anorak have even fitted a removable elastic belt on the snack box to keep everything in its place! Just perfect!


Lunchtimes will always be fun and creative with these lovely boxes. Anorak has a whole range of gorgeously printed goodies on offer on their website, I’ve got my eye on the pretty bed linen and the adorable Woodland Leaves printed picnic blanket! Have a look –

I might have to borrow this snack box for myself every now and again! Enjoy! xxx

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