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Popped to perfection – Thomas Tucker Popcorn – A healthy shop bought snack your kids will love! ❤️

May 6, 2015

I am not a saint, although I would love to, there is no way I could make everything I feed my kids from scratch. There are just not enough hours in the day. I try my very best to cook fresh meals for the three meals I serve them at home, but if you look carefully there are some delicious and nutritious things out there your kids can enjoy in moderation.

I especially like to try products which can be healthy snacks for me and my kids. I strongly believe that if you can try and cook homemade meals for your family, healthy snacks, with low sugar, salt and fat contents, can be store bought.

Here is my current store bought favourite snack 



My boys and I absolutely love popcorn! Not just at the cinema but as a light healthy snack and a great alternative to crisps. What’s not to love, they are easy to eat, come in a whole variety of flavours and are scrumptious. 

I used to have a popcorn maker years ago, but it was messy to use. Now there’s no need, these Thomas Tucker popcorns are my favourite! The flavours are just genius! 

Fancy something sweet? The choices are so yummy – Fruits of the Forest, Coconut Toffee or Luxury Toffee. For something savoury – Salt & Vinegar, Smoked Ceddar Cheese or my favourite Chilli Lemon! Can’t decide, get Sweet & Salt – my boys favourite.

The history behind Thomas Tucker is inspirational. Starting as a small family run business in 1988 supplying a hand full of cinemas, popping corn and loading trucks by hand, the company is now the UK’s largest independent popcorn manufacturer. Now these are people who definately know how to pop corn!

The best thing about these great snacks, apart from the super cute packaging and amazing flavours, is that they are wheat, GM and gluten free, and very low in calories! Yum yum! 

Available to buy online from 1st May! 

Also available in Cineworld, Vue, City Screen and Empire venues throughout the country!

Enjoy! xxx

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