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Tempo – The pretty little clever device every home needs!

April 27, 2015

Anyone who knows me, especially my husband, will tell you how bad I am at using technology. Yes I have an iPhone and I can use an IPad but thats as far as it goes. Anything a little more technical and I kind of go blank. 

A good friend of mine invented Tempo. It is a super cute little clever device that would look beautiful in any home, be it modern, classical or trendy. It looks like a shiny perfectly formed pebble, which is extremely light and even comes in a lovely selection of colours to match you home decor! What’s not to love? 


So here is a bit of what Tempo actually does! It monitors the temperature, humidity and barometric pressures of homes and businesses where temperature and humidity consistency is important.  Tempo stores the last 30 days of data which can be displayed on your smartphone.  

It is really easy to set up! If I can do it anyone can. Here is a simple step by step guide-

1. Download the ‘Tempo Monitor’ app from you app store. Make sure the Bluetooth is on.

2. Take the pretty little Tempo out of it’s box, press the button underneath to turn it on.

3. Place Tempo in the room or area of your home/business you want to monitor the temperature of.

4. All done! The app will tell you straight away the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of that area!

So where could this nifty device come in handy-

– Homes with babies and small children can keep rooms at an optimum temperature important for their health, comfort and sleep patterns.  

– Pet owners can monitor their pets enclosure to ensure temperature and humidity is kept at the right level, critical for exotic pets such as reptiles where fluctuations in temperature can be a problem. 

– Gardeners can monitor glass-houses to ensure growing conditions are optimised for heat sensitive plants.  

– Wine and cigar connoisseurs can monitor their pressure delights.

Now my boys are older I will put my device in the living room to check and control room temperatures, but I wish I had had one of these when they were babies. All the endless going in and out of their rooms, waking them up, checking the room thermometre to see if the room was too hot or cold. The flustered first time mother antics would definately be eased with the help of Tempo! 

Blue Maestro, the creators of Tempo, have also created ‘Pacifi™.’ A powerful Bluetooth Smart pacifier or dummy which monitors and records a babys temperature, whilst transmitting the data back to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. So another super clever device to make the lives of parents a little bit easier!

Thanks geniuses at Blue Maestro! xxx


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