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My first trip abroad without the kids! ✈️

April 26, 2015

It is 7am on Saturday morning, I am on a plane, my husband and I are off to Paris for the weekend without kids. Just the two of us. The first time in eight years!

On a regular Saturday morning at this time I would be preparing breakfast for my boys, asking them for the hundredth time to keep the noise down or to stop bickering. Then helping them dress, checking they have brushed their teeth, the list goes on. This morning is considerably different.

The whole packing process was my first shock in the process. No little socks, favourite teddies or spiderman pyjamas. Even our passport holder felt empty with only two passports in it.

Am I sad you may ask? A little yes, it’s more a feeling of emptiness, as if I’ve lost something that was attached. But as a full time mother this is something I’ve realised, my boys are not attached to me, they are individuals who need to experience things for themselves. I know they are having so much fun with their amazing grandparents, loving aunt & uncle, they are in their own home, amongst their own toys, their familiar surroundings. Just without me.

The plane has taken off, I’m fine. Actually quite enjoying it. I enjoyed a lovely cappuccino in Pret before take off, sipping the frothy steaming coffee slowly, savouring every sip, no need to rush. I had a nice look around the duty free shops. Now I’m just writing. It is so quiet. I have even had a steaming hot cup of tea on board, something Ive not done for ages. It makes me giggle, it really is the little things in life.

A very good friend of mine said, just you wait, after the first ‘weekend away’ you will be planning your next.

I absolutely adore my boys. I want them to experience life, see new places. But as an adult, a couple, we also need a little time to ourselves. Not long weeks away, a night is enough, or even a few hours. Time to recharge and just think about yourself. Do what you want to do without compromise.

I do miss my boys, but time apart doesn’t make you a bad mother, it makes you realise you are human. I am so lucky to have such a great family! 

I am happy! Happy weekend to you all! Xxxx

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