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A Few Healthy Breakfast Ideas ❤️

April 25, 2015

Breakfast has got to be my favourite meal of the day! You’ve had a long rest, it’s time to wake up, refresh and nourish yourself to start a new day in the best possible way. We don’t always have time to have a big breakfast, in our household Sunday morning is our big breakfast day. 

So here is a run down of my best breakfasts in no particular order as I actually love them all! –

The Mediterranean breakfast-

Taken from Pinterest

This is a breakfast close to my heart because it is what I have been brought up with. Crumbly feta cheese, big meaty olives drizzled with the best Extra Virgin Olive oil, juicy red tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers, all accompanied with fresh crusty bread. The thought is making me hungry. This is the Mediterranean breakfast, enjoyed with a steaming glass of tea. It is healthy, tasty, but will need time to prepare and consume so not best for when you are in a rush!


Anyone who follows my blog will know of my adoration of oats! I have tried preparing oats for porridge the old fashioned way but find the ‘night before oats’ method so much easier. The end result is just as tasty without the mess and slaving over the stove.Top with seeds, berries, bananas and any other scrumptious goodies of your choice. A super healthy choice for the whole family.

Soft boiled eggs with soldiers

A timeless classic enjoyed by adults and children alike. Its my mother’s and my youngest sons favourite. So easy to prepare. For the perfect soft boiled eggs leave the eggs at room temperature for 10minutes prior to boliing to avoid the shell cracking. Fill the pan up with water, when bubbling gently place the eggs in the water with a tablespoon. Boil for exactly 5minutes. Gently remove the eggs from the hot water and hold under running cold water. Enjoy with buttered toast cut into slices. 

Sometimes I enjoy these breakfasts at anytime of the day! Why not? xxx

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