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Too busy to make fresh juice? ‘Vegesentials’ have done the work for you! ❤️

April 22, 2015

There are lots of brands out there on the supermarket shelves claiming to contain ‘fresh’ juice. As consumers its not easy these days to know which brands to choose and which will provide what they claim to state on their packaging. Thats why I’m here, to try things for you and pick the diamond from the rough! 

I believe I have found that diamond in the world of fresh juices. I first saw Vegesentials in my local Waitrose store. I was looking for a fresh juice to suppress my sweet tooth. My favourite range of juices had gotten some bad reviews in the press recently about how much sugar there was in them, so I knew I had to give another fresh juice a try. 

I know that juicing at home is the best policy, I love juicing at home. But as any busy mother knows we need help, and if that help is available in the form of expertly and lovingly created fresh produce, then I will definitely give it a go!

That day I chose to try a bottle of ‘Vegesentials’ juice. The packaging, ingredients used and combinations of half fruit & half vegetables was enticing and intriguing. The real test would be taste and if my little ones liked it! 

I love finding out about how a company started. I truly believe that a good start leads to firm foundations and to establishing a super product. ‘Vegesentials’ was one of those companies. It was created by a mother just like me! 

Patience & Andrew are the founders and creators of Vegesentials. It all started when Patience was told on a routine doctor’s appointment that she may have a brain tumour. With kids to care for these words were any mother’s nightmare scenario. Thankfully Patience did not have a tumour, but this health scare played a pivotal role in the creation of these juices. Patience decided to totally change the way her family ate, and created juices containing a balance of fruit and vegetables for her children to enjoy. Soon her children’s friends, friends of friends were asking for these scrumptious juices. So Patience and her husband Andrew set up ‘Vegesentials’

Vegesentials produce totally unpasteurised juices and smoothies mixing together super fruits and vegetables to make life easier for us at home and on the go! I will be posting about the different flavours and combinations on offer and what they are good for very soon! Here are a few of their ingredients – pomegranates, parsnips, blueberries, celery, kale, pineapple, beetroot, mangoes! The taste is not sweet its not bitter, it is completely and utterly pure, just like the juices I make at home, with a little pulp, thick and yummy.

On a personal note, my boys loved the Vegesentials Kids on the Go juices! A superb idea of child sized juices with great tasting and super healthy combinations! 


Watch this space for more on the amazing and inspiring brand!

Enjoy! xxxxx

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