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Happy National Gardening Week! Gardening is the cheapest form of therapy🌱

April 16, 2015


Happy National Gardening Week to all you lovely people in the UK! 

I am by no means a professional gardener. However I am lucky enough to have a very talented father who is a super gardener! 

When we first bought our lovely home the garden was just a bare strip of grass with a shed at the far end. My father has transformed it into a beautiful botantical hideaway, filled with purple and pink hydrangeas, lavenders which fill the garden with a heavenly scent and climbing Jasmine that covers the bare fences with an array of leafy greens and white blossoms in the summer. The brown wooden shed is now a gorgeous shade of green which gives the garden a picture perfect look. 








My garden is not big, its not tiny, its medium sized. But its my haven, to relax in the sunshine, for the kids to run around and to enjoy a cocktail after dark with only candlelit lanterns illuminating the darkness. So romantic.

I will be writing a few posts about gardening, with my father’s help, as I believe it is the best, and cheapest, form of exercise and therapy. You don’t need to have a garden to enjoy gardening. A balcony or even a windowsill that gets some sunshine is more than enough to enjoy the benefits of gardening. 

My biggest enjoyment is seeing the wonder in my boys eyes as they see the flowers bloom, tomatoes grow and strawberries show their bright red fruits! When they use their little fingers to pick the tomatoes off the plant and munch them up, its all totally worth it. You can see the pride in their little eyes saying, ‘these tomatoes were grown in our house.’

Here is a list of gardening essentials, of course you can choose styles to suit your personal tastes, their is so much available out there! But these would be my dream buys-

– a trowel & fork to dig the soil. My favourites are the ones by Orla Kiely. Why not make  gardening fashionable!


– A good pair of gardening gloves, unless you want mud in your fingernails! Again I love Orla Kiely’s pair.



– If you have a garden, or hose pipe. Or a good watering can will also do the job for balcony or windowsill plants.

– A nice big hat to keep off the sun!

Watch this space for my next gardening post! A step by step guide to planting tomatoes 🍅

Enjoy! xxxxxxx

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