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The importance of Play

April 14, 2015



It was Albert Einstein who said, ‘Play is the highest form of research.’

I absolutely agree, kids who are not allowed to just play will not be able to discover for themselves what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy, what is right and what is wrong. For a growing child this is their way to research and explore.

Of course education is of importance in a growing child’s life. But as with eating healthy food, as with every choice made in life, there needs to be an element of balance and moderation.

I have two young growing boys aged 4 and 7. Play for them is learning how to share, how to negotiate, how to compromise. Its not always an easy journey, they argue, sometimes wrestle, to reach an agreement, but boys will be boys, if we don’t allow them the time to play, life would be very boring indeed.

I have learnt over the years of being a mother, that overloading children with too much school work, after school clubs and activities can also make life too much work for their young minds. Allowing them the freedom to just play after a busy day of learning at school is what a child needs in my opinion.

I read an article in The Independent once on this very topic where Dr Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College explained how, “The most important skills that children everywhere must learn in order to live happy, productive, moral lives are skills that cannot be taught in school. Such skills cannot be taught at all. They are learned and practised by children in play.” This article was in retaliation to the British Education Minister wanting to lengthen school days and make holidays shorter.

So there’s my little piece of philosophy for now, enjoy your fun times with your little ones, they grow up so fast, and leave your kids to just be themselves and play. xxx

  1. I just posted the other day about the importance of pretend play. Our children learn so many lessons from playing and the best part is, it doesn’t feel like a lesson.

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