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Istanbul a City of Mystique & Beauty ❤️

April 12, 2015



Today my boys and I bid farewell to amazing Antalya. The Easter holidays are over and its time to go home. We always fly via Istanbul, getting a domestic flight to Istanbul and then catching another plane to London.

I am writing to you from the domestic flight. Flying into Istanbul always makes me nostalgic. It has been my favourite city in the world forever, I adore other cities I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and there are so many wonderful places I want to see, but Istanbul in my eyes is a city which cannot be compared with others. It may not be to everyone’s taste, everyone is different, but for those who have seen it, you will know what I mean.

The adjectives that come to mind are mystical, magical, noisy, historical, mesmerising and for me nostalgic. It is where East meets West, Asia meets Europe, a crazy mixture of modern and old, religious and secular. It is where in a space of one hour you might see a female dressed in a religious head scarf, followed close behind by a female dressed in a miniskirt and stiletto heels. It is where you will find wonderous mosques dating back centuries, standing very near high tech modern buildings of all shapes and forms. This mix is what makes this city so unique and so very special.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with a population of well over 14 million. Founded around 660 BC as Byzantium, over the years this majestic city served as the imperial capitals for the powerful Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires. Once known as Constantinople, due to its rich historic background, Istanbul is a treasure chest to anyone even remotely interested in history.

I will be writing so much more about Istanbul, places to visit, see, eat at, drink at in posts to come. There is so much I need to share. Give me time and watch this space! xxx

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