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My second home in Antalya – The Antalya Museum 

April 8, 2015


In this world I think everyone needs a place or two where they can go to unwind. With all the ups and downs, round and rounds that life has to offer, we need to stop, contemplate and recharge. 

Antalya is my place to recharge. It offers me the familiarity to be able to completely relax my mind, body and soul. There are a few places in this amazing city where I go religiously on each of my visits – my favourite Starbucks, my favourite park, and so on. But The Antalya Museum is the one place I will visit on each trip and get the feeling of home and feeling at peace.



It is classed as one of Turkey’s largest museums, and has wonders on show to transport you back thousands of years. Established in 1922 by teacher Süleyman Fikri Erten, the artifacts were originally displayed in a mosque, then moved to the current building in 1972.

This year for the first time my elder son and I used the audio guides on offer, which was an experience in itself, each display was explained to us in immense detail. 

The museum covers an area of 30,000 square meters with 13 exhibition galleries: Ranging from Prehistoric findings, majestic statues of the Gods from the Roman period, intricate mosaics, sparkling Icons, statues from the Perge Theatre, splendid Sarcophagi, coins and sparkling jewels as well as Ethnographical collections.


Weary Herakles


The main display is the 1,800 year old marble statue of ‘Weary Herakles’. Set on a backdrop of crushed velvet, with classical music playing, it is a wonder to behold. What makes this statue so special is that it was very recently made whole. The lower half of Herakles was excavated in the Antalya region in 1980, after an extensive search the upper half was discovered to be on display at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The beautifully sculpted statue was made whole in  2011 when the upper half was handed back to the Turkish government.


Antalya Museum open-air garden gallery


The museum also has a heavenly garden and open-air gallery. With views of the deep blue Mediterranean sea and grand mountains, it is definately worth a visit. My boys love walking through the beautifully displayed outdoor statues, amongst the peacocks and other birds that adorn it. I like to enjoy a Turkish coffee overlooking the beauty.

So if you want to experience the wonders Antalya has to offer, what amazing history has been unearthed in this city, visit this museum. I’m sure you will be back again!

Enjoy! xxx

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