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 Mucver – Courgette & Dill Cakes 💚

April 7, 2015



These are the most yummy little savoury cakes, one is never enough! My boys ate about four each at dinner last night.

What’s not to love? Grated courgettes, freshly chopped dill and eggs make these little cakes light, tasty and very healthy.

Mucver is the Turkish name for these little delicate beauties. They are almost like little pancakes or fritters, but if you make the batter thick enough the end result is a lot like a fish cake. Crisp amd browned on the outside with a soft squishy delicious centre and extremely filling.

Courgettes, or zucchini’s, are an extremely versatile vegetable. They have very few calories and have a high water content, and they provide the body with vitamin C, and significant levels of potassium, which is key to controlling blood pressure. 

Make these little savoury cakes in advance then keep them in the fridge for a quick and easy snack or healthy accompaniment to fish, chicken or meat dishes. 


– 6-7 small courgettes (washed, leave peel on)

– 3 eggs

– 3 tablespoons Spelt flour ( or more to make batter)

– 1 bunch of chopped dill

– Spray olive oil


– Wash, chop off ends and grate courgettes. Use a food processor if you have one. Place the grated courgettes in a sieve and press down on them with a paper towel until all the moisture is drained.

– Place the dry grated courgettes in a large bowl. Add the chopped dill.

– Whisk the eggs, add to the dill and courgettes, mix well. Add in enough flour to form a thick pancake like batter.


– Use an olive oil spray to lightly oil a large non stick frying pan. With a ladle, spoon on generous spoonfuls of the batter. Leave to cook on a medium heat, when slightly brown flip over to cook the other side, as you would with pancakes.

– Leave to cool and enjoy either warm or cold.

Enjoy! xxx

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