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A must see movie!  🎬 The Water Diviner by Russell Crowe 

April 5, 2015

Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yilmaz, Russell Crowe

This beautifully directed and acted movie was released in cinemas across the UK this week. It is a must see movie!

It holds an extra special place in my heart firslty because it is set in Turkey, and secondly because my ancestors, from both my Turkish and English families, are said to have battled and died there.

Its the Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe’s Directorial debut and one he should be extremely proud of. It made me laugh and cry, a movie which takes us back in time to an age where war meant sending your teenage son off to fight a battle, from which there would most probably be no return.

The film begins in 1919 at the end of World War I. Russell Crowe plays an Australian farmer and water diviner who’s sons have left for war to serve with the ANZACs at the Battle of Gallipoli 5 years previously and have not returned. His wife and mother to these sons cannot cope with this painful grief any more and commits suicide. Her husband vows to find their sons and sets out on a journey to Turkey.

I cannot give away the whole plot as that would ruin the movie. But it is a movie set predominantly in Turkey – in Istanbul and Gallipoli, Russell Crowe does what he does best, amazing acting filled with emotion and strength. There are several excellent and famous Turkish actors you must look out for – Yilmaz Erdogan plays Major Hasan who is advising the ANZACs in organising a mass burial. The other is Turkish actor and comedian Cem Yilmaz who plays Sergeant Jemal, who adds humour to the movie, something he does very well.

The Battle of Gallipoli or The Battle of Canakkale, as it is also known, was a World War I campaign that took place in the Canakkale region on Turkey, between April 1915 and January 1916. It was one of the greatest Ottoman victories and major Allied forces failures. The Allied forces were made up of soldiers, most of them very young, from France, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and British India. The total death toll is unknown but it is presumed in the range of half a million. 

You may be wondering what a Water Divine is,  it is the name given to a person who finds water underground with the help of a dowsing rod. Russell Crowe’s character shows us exactly how this is done in the movie.

Don’t miss it! It will have you crying and laughing. Also it will have you planning a trip to Canakkale to see the battle site and show respect to the many young men who lost their young lives in battle there. I plan to take my boys soon.

National Anzac Day this year is on 25th April. 


  1. Great post! Going tonight in London 😉

  2. Great!!!! Enjoy xxx

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