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Love Leon! Love Food! Love Life! ❤️❤️❤️

March 24, 2015


Original Superfood Salad


Goji Berry & Passion Fruit Juicy Water


Better Brownie


I am always on the look out for healthy, fast and fun places to eat when we have days out in the city with my kids. 

Its quite easy to find fast food in big cities, but to find food which is fast, healthy and delicious is like striking gold! And if your kids love the food to. Eureka! We will be back for more!

Leon is one such gold mine, a breathe of fresh air in the evergrowing hustle and bustle of unhealthy restaurants cities have to offer.

We were in Westminster over the weekend, an area of London known for lots of tourists, people rushing here there and everywhere. We got hungry for lunch just by Victoria Coach station, this is where large buses transport people all over the country and beyond. So there are lots of people pulling along suitcases of all sizes rushing to get somewhere. 

Wondering idly along trying to decide where to stop for a break, we saw the large neon ‘Leon’ lights like an oasis in the desert.

The Leon chain of restaurants prides itself on seasonal, natural, fast food. It opened its first restaurant in Carnaby Street in 2004, by the end of 2014 there were a total of 21 restaurants in and around London. 

The menu at Leon is very healthy, incorporating a lot of super foods into their dishes. Food is served straight away as you pay, pre prepared on site. There is a kids menu too but my kids absolutely adore the ‘The Chicken Burger,’ no do not even think its like a Macdonalds chicken burger, this one is good for you!  ‘Chargrilled butterflied chicken thigh with fresh rocket, fresh tomato and pickles,’ whats not to love?

My all time favourite is the ‘Superfood salad!’ You all know Im crazy about superfoods, so a salad named after my all time favourite things has got to be amazing – broccoli, quinoa, avocado, parsley, peas, feta! I even bought the Leon Cookbook and make this salad at home!

Drinks are healthy too! Try one of these yummy combinations – Goji berry & passion fruit; Peach, lemon & white tea; Acai & Raspberry! My kids love them all! If you are in need of a super healthy boost try the ‘Clean Green Shake’ – its a meal in itself.

Finally you just have to try the ‘Better Brownie’! Chocolatey, orangey and gooey, everything a brownie should be, just better! Im making this one at home too!

So if you are out and about in the city treat your family to some superfoods, they will love it! 

Enjoy! xxxxxx

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