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Limoncello! ❤️🍋

March 20, 2015

The word limoncello makes me smile! Its just so beautiful, sunny and lemony. 

There is a great little Italian restaurant near our home called Zaza. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere is great too. Set in a listed building dating back 300 years, it feels like going to an Italian family home to enjoy a homecooked rustic Italian meal. At the end of your meal after the seared scallops and creamy tagliatelle has been washed down with a good bottle of red wine, dessert and coffee is followed by a ice cold complimentary bottle of homemade Limoncello. It is just the perfect way to end a lovely dining experience!

So I thought why not try to make this delicious  citrusy liqueur at home too! This Good Food Magazine recipe is amazing, not only is it simple, it tastes a lot like the Limoncello at Zaza! 


– 5 unwaxed lemons

– 1 litre bottle of Vodka 

– 750gr Caster Sugar

– 700ml boiling water

– 1 large empty glass bottle ( I got mine from Waitrose)


– Use a potato peeler to remove the peel from the lemons – take care not to include any white pith. Put the zest in a large clean jar and pour over the vodka. Cover with a tightly fitting lid and leave for a week, shaking the jar each day.

– Put the sugar in a glass bowl and pour over the boiling water, stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the vodka and peels and leave for a further week, shaking the jar regularly.

– Strain the mixture into the pretty glass bottle and leave some lemon peels in. Keep refrigerated. Enjoy in small shot glasses.

Salute! xxxx

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