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Healthy fast food? Its got to be Itsu! ❤️

March 18, 2015

My boys love to go out at the weekends! My eldest is a bit of a ‘train spotter’ so loves riding the tube, watching the trains en route to the city of London. Its always an adventure.

We have never been ones for MacDonalds or KFC on our days out with the kids. Of course we will go to have a burger as an occasional treat but on weekends out in the city we like to be a little more adventurous and let the kids enjoy different foods.

Itsu is a firm family favorite! It is a chain of Japanese style fast food restaurants located in many areas of London. It was established by the same people behind the ever popular Pret  a Manger sandwich chain. Started in 1997 with its first store in Chelsea, it now has over 50 stores in and around London. The ethic of the restaurant chain is healthy eating, its motto being ‘Eat beautiful, eat lighter, eat Itsu’.

My kids absolutely adore the food there. The menu ranges from salads to very fresh sushi, to deliciously warming soups to frozen yogurt topped with numerous goodies. It is not a restaurant with waiter service, but more an open buffet style where you pick the prepackaged foods you want, take them to the till, pay, then find a seat to enjoy.

Our favourite choice would have to be the Special Salmon Salad – oven roasted miso marinated salmon, seasoned Japanese rice, muki and green beans. The kids absolutely adore it and its fresh, healthy and fast! For us adults the spicy soups are very yummy. My current favourite is the ‘Egg Drop’ – crystal noodles, 2 vegetable gyoza dumplings, edamame, leek & runny poached egg! Just talking about it is giving me a yearning to jump on the tube and head to my nearest branch. 

So if you are in the city with the kids, or on a date, head to an Itsu! Its affordable, quick and tasty! What more could anyone ask for? 

Enjoy! xxxxxxx

  1. D'one permalink

    Love our Itsu dates, we need another one soon! Xx

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