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Everything in moderation ❤️

March 17, 2015


Yesterday as I was looking through my various cook books in search of alternative recipes for ‘Cereal Bars’ for my boys I had a thought.

What started this search was an article I read in a newspaper about how much sugar is in the food we eat. Yes it was shocking to discover that a jar of Dolmios Pasta Sauce has six cubes of sugar in it. However, searching through some of the books which are on trend today, I came to the conclusion that the whole ‘clean and healthy eating’ fad can be very impractical for mothers today.

For example in the new cook book ‘Deliciously Ella’ which is on Amazon’s best selling list, there is a recipe for Homemade Granola Bars, which needs you to buy ’20 Dates,’ amongst other ingredients. This is not only very costly, but also difficult to put together when you are a mother of kids with a million of other things to do. So I set this recipe aside and instead went for the Martha Stewart recipe which might not have been as ‘healthy’ as Ella’s recipe, but was definately healthier than a store bought cereal bar.

So on this subject I have decided that everything needs to be taken in context. As mothers we are busy, but want the best for our kids. Instead of trying to transform how we eat as a family completely, it might be better to just make little changes here and there, and know what our kids are eating.

My tasty tips are-

Homemade will always be better that store bought.

Use honey instead of sugar where you can.

Eat/ drink more vegetables each week.

Everything in moderation!


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